Fleet/Transport Insurance

Insurance for the Fleet & Transport Industry

We have two decades of experience in providing customised insurance solutions for businesses who either operate in the transport sector, are a haulage contractor or centre, or if you simply run a fleet of vehicles within your business.

A Motor Fleet policy provides a simple, solution to any business that has normally 5 or more vehicles (some insurers will offer Fleet policies from 3 vehicles upwards). Each one can be covered under the same policy, without losing any of the vital elements that an ordinary Commercial Vehicle policy could provide. Not only this, but it’s normally a cheaper option than taking out separate policies for each vehicle and most insurers offer some sort of open driving facility on these policies instead of having to name all potential drivers. With Fleet Policies, clients are able to have different cover types on different vehicles and some insurers offering a number of bolt-on options that can include breakdown cover, legal expenses, and personal accident.

Transport operators of all kinds, from sole traders to fleet managers of multi-national PLCs operating globally, need to be confident that they have the correct Transport Insurance in place and there are many policy covers to consider.

Fortunately, we have experience in placing such protection and can present you with a number of options from respected insurers so you can be both well informed and your business well protected.

Marine Cargo & Goods in Transit Insurance

Although the name of the policy may infer otherwise, Marine Cargo insurance is a form of Goods in Transit Insurance which specifically covers transportation of goods and merchandise by sea, rail, road or air.

Marine perils in relation to shipping freight will refer to problems such as sinking, war, pirates, and jettison, while the policy itself would also cover crashing, derailing and overturning in relation to other modes of transport.

We can arrange Marine Cargo insurance which can cover goods during their journey, as well as their storage prior and post to their transit. Each policy can be arranged by a case by case or on an annual basis and can include either named perils, or “all risks” cover.

Whatever your journey or cargo looks like, we’ll help you make sure it’s well supported, not just for your obligations to ensure third-party goods arrive intact but also cover your own equipment and contents as well with extended cover options.

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